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We will:



Reassess politicians wages


We want to peg politicians wages to the average NZ wage of $50,000 per year (currently they all get from $152,000 to $420,000 per year each) given their average performance






About 50% of all assets in NZ are owned by the richest 5% of NZers (multi-millionaires and richer). By solely taxing net assets we only need an extremely low 8% taxrate. We will abolish all other taxes, including income tax and tobacco tax. This gives a new budget of $94 billion (current budget is $78.5 billion). This comes from $1,200 billion net non-government NZ assets taxed at 8% pa. Personal and corporate net assets taxrate will both be 8%.

90% of NZers will have an increase in cash in hand!

Work out how much money you'll save!




We will massively increase payments, Benefits and transfers across the board


With the $15.5 billion budget surplus we will increase payments  received by New Zealanders from the Government to help them recover from the long history of being overtaxed to the benefit of the super-rich and their vast assets (assets that have always needed to be serviced (infrastructure, policing, social security, etc)). Overtaxation of the poorer 90% of NZers is the real story behind a lot of NZ's problems, as outlined in the media, social media, and social discourse. Money is the problem! (Full Benefits for example will rise by up to $80 per week. Transfers to middle class and working class will be raised also).




We will immediately solve NZ's housing crisis


By stopping immigration (no new permanent residents. Current permenent residents and citizens will be free to come and go of course), and, ordering an emergency deployment of 20,000 United Nations/Ikea "Better Shelters", new UN/Ikea solar powered light-weight modular panel shelters which only cost about NZ$3000 each (=$60 million total) and can house up to 5 people each or 100,000 people total!! (more details at http://www.bettershelter.org/product/ ), these are for the 40,000 homeless NZers and NZers who want to pay a lot less rent (rent on these will only be at cost, up to $50 pwk rent per entire shelter).




We will only ever do what the majority of NZers would allow. Together Forever! 



 JOIN US in making a better NZ!!


Universal Party

Regan Smith

6/78 Wai-iti Road Highfield

Timaru, Canterbury

Campaign Office Phone: 64 0220 318 22764 0220 318 227

Email: k.l.b.x@live.com

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