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Please make all payments via the payment methods at bottom of page. Thank you!!!


We need 500 "financial" members to register the party in this years NZ General Election. The Government decrees that to register we must have at least 500 members who have paid a membership fee to the party each (antiquated really). But, by registering we can submit a list of members and if we get over 5% of the national vote or one Electorate MP elected we will get our percentage of the vote translated into a number of MP's in parliament, MP's who will give you/90% of NZers taxcuts!!!! (5% of the vote will give the UP (Universal Party) 6 seats in Parliament).

Please sign up as a financial member of the Universal Party and we'll get everything done as we have promised!

$2 is the membership fee for 3 years full membership with the Universal Party. Please pay by depositing $2 into the following bank account or by Credit Card with your name in the reference/particulars or in the "message to seller" so we know who has paid to be a financial member. Thank you very much you guys!! 




Regan Smith




If you have already filled out the membership form before paying please fill out the short online form again after paying $2. Thank you! You guys are awesome eh. Together Forever!



(Note. We are audited every year.)




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Regan Smith

6/78 Wai-iti Road Highfield

Timaru, Canterbury

Campaign Office Phone: 64 0220 318 22764 0220 318 227

Email: k.l.b.x@live.com

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We are actively trying to sign up at least 500 members to register the Universal Party for MMP in this years General Elections

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