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We will....


Reassess politicians wages.

ONLY TAX NET ASSETS (at 8% pa) - no other taxes whatsoever!!! Including no Income Tax!!!!

Abolish all other taxes (including current tax system, Income Tax, GST, Tobacco Tax, Secondary Tax, All of them).

Have a $18 billion surplus to give to 90% of NZers!!!!

Increase Benefits, payments and transfers by up to $100 pwk!!

Immediately solve NZs housing crisis.

Do whatever the majority of NZers want forever!

Policies under consideration

Stopping immigration - no new permanent residents. We have no rooms left for "new residents" (without making more NZers homeless).


Reassessing controversial laws, like cannabis laws, where the Majority of NZers would allow otherwise.


**GRANTED AT 8% TAX** - Have the 3% taxrate on assets only (not income also until well into the future). The 3% taxrate on income and net assets is a extremely low tax on Everything (equalling a huge Surplus!). As the tax system has almost exclusively focused on Income, people with higher income have invested in assets, like rental properties, that have provided more income/more assets/more income again, and so on, making "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" as people who have little assets and only really their income have been slugged harder over all the years by income tax and GST and secondary tax and Tobacco tax, up to 50% of their total net wealth (whereas the richest 5% of NZers pay only up to 1% of their total wealth - and they own half of everything!!) To readdress this historical focus tax-wise on Income and Expenses and  the neglect of Net Assets we will probably do an Net Assets only taxrate of 3 to 4%, all other taxes scrapped, with NO Income Tax either, until NZers feel that the rich (the super-rich are asset based) have paid their fair share once and for all, then it will just be a 3% Net Assets and Income tax - a single low tax on everything. This said measure WILL address the inequality in New Zealand very quickly, and the higher the assets taxrate is the quicker inequality will be destroyed (up to 5% considered maybe possibly). Lets take New Zealand back Everyone!!

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Mar 25, 2017
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